Lulu Blair Kress Preschool

Star Rating
Awarded the Tulare County Early Four Stars Rating for the  2016/17 School Year. 

Lulu Blair Kress Preschool 

Nancy Crawford, 0-5 Kindergarten Readiness Coordinator 
618 N. Cypress Ave. 
Woodlake, CA  93286
(559) 564-1801

Kress Preschool students harvesting their garden fresh lettuce for lunch!  Fun to learn about Nutrition, Math, English and Science, including a little about Bugs! After harvesting their lettuce they made a salad to go along with their pizza.  

      Kress 1 - Healthy EatingKress 2 - Healthy Eating   Kress 3 - Healthy Eating

                            Kress 4 - Healthy Eating      Kress 5 - Healthy Eating